Jul 16 2012

The Health Problems With Temporary Tattoos

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Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, but they have always had their own health problems. The main potential problem with tattoo is infection.The tattoo process includes pressing pigment deep into the skin using a needle to dermu. In modern machines with stainless steel and sterilization, it is much easier to keep clean and without problems, than the original method of rubbing the ashes on the wounds of tattoos, but the problem may still occur. If the tattoo needle is not entirely clear when it penetrates the skin it can make shoots deep into the skin along with pgmentom his delivery.The main problem of infection from unclean tattoo it can infect the recipient with hepatitis B, hepatitis a can cause inflammation of the liver, which is painful to begin with, and if they develop may become chronic and cause long-term damage and even death.The initial symptoms of hepatitis b infection can last up to two weeks, and include fever, headaches and lack of energy. This may develop jaundice, and then, perhaps, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If left untreated, you probably feel the upper abdomen, gentle, increase in liver and lymph nodes in the neck.By this time, the pain and other symptoms, were you to doctors. They will be required to conduct blood tests to confirm that a strain of hepatitis, you signed a contract (there are five types, but is). If you have had a bad infection, you may need hospital treatment for, basically, so doctors can determine if you are in the early stages of acute liver failure.Although you have hepatitis, it is important not to take drugs, regardless of the limitation more or counter, or “recreational”, because they can lead to further problems and conflict with treatment of the liver. It is very important not to drink alcohol, as it can cause more problems for the liver, and a greater chance of long-term damage.Up to 95% of adult hepatitis b infection will fully recover, but others can develop life-long chronic hepatitis, especially if they already have the immunodeficiency problems before they get the infection.Infection can be prevented good living conditions, as well as hepatitis b can be prevented by vaccination, which will have a lot of tattoos las vegas temporary as a preventive measure, because they don’t want to catch hepatitis b from their clients, some of which can carry it without knowing.When you get a tattoo, be sure that the equipment is properly sterilized tattoo that they were tested at the local Department of health, and that you are sure they are clean. No big tattoo artist would mind, showing how they ensure their equipment is clean and safe. When the tattoo heal, make sure that you keep clean the tender, and that you do not expose yourself to possible contamination due to poor hygiene and living conditions.After you get your tattoo, if you run a fever, headache or sudden lack of energy to do anything, contact your doctor immediately. It is much better to be dagnostovan as it is not a problem, than to risk of hepatitis and not have it treated as early as possible.

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