Aug 01 2012

The Growing World of Temporary Tattoo Designs For Girls

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Women are more to tattoo any other time in history. A therefore led to a big change in the tattoo industry and growth in women tattoo designs… There are more stores than ever respond to a more female audience. There was a time that women who wanted a tattoo had to enter a world dominated by men. Tattoo shops, drawings and artists were all male. Now, things have changed and women are beginning to find their own places in the world of tattoo designs. Tattoo shops now meet women. They often have designs of tattooing of women and are often managed by tattoo artists women.It is common to see a ton of designs of tattooing of flash displayed on the walls and in the binders of each local store of tattoo… Today, a major difference is that you can find a ton of designs of tattooing for big girls. In the not so far before all flash that were displayed models had a pile of skulls, with daggers, flames and pin-up girls and designs that generally meet men. Now, you will find a lot of models that meet more women. . Example of these drawings could be fake tattoo beautiful flowers for the feet, or the ankle tattoo designs that have a fee. Tattoos are generally cute, girly and sexy, even at the same time. It is not uncommon to find a flash of butterflies, fairies, dolphins and flowers.Do you still believe me not on this major t-shirt in the world of the designs of tattooing of women? All you have to do is turn on your TV and look at the famous LA Ink on the Learning Channel.You’ve probably heard of the original ink television show Miami now in which Ami James open a tattoo shop in Miami, Florida. The store was created for a television series which aired on The Learning Channel. In the second season of the show Miami Ink Kat Von D a well-known tattoo of women joined the tattoo male dominated store. Kat Von D immediately clashed with the shop owner Ami James that led to a split in his own series the Ink. His shop has found his house in Los Angeles and of course featured tattoo artists, mainly women. Belle and independent female high I might add! Is that a highly publicized example of the great change that occurs in the tattoo industry.

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