Aug 01 2012

What Your Temporary Tattoo Tells About You

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In recent years, men fake tattoo have become an art form, which can be found throughout the world from the hard core Bikers docile birds. One of the most popular types of tattoos are those depicting animals. This is not surprising, because we associate with certain animals with certain desirable characteristics and traits which they follow. However, before getting a permanent tattoo as animals placed on your body, you need to make a thorough research to make sure that you understand exactly what the animal represents.Large cats, like Tigers and lions are thought of as strong creatures and are popular choices for tattoos. Tiger describes mostly features power, domination, agility and independence. Many people who wish to imitate these traits Tiger chooses to represent their features. The lion, the King of the jungle, also shows strength, but do so in a dignified manner, more relaxed, making a choice for a much more limited personality.If the large cats are a popular choice for animal tattoos, it only makes sense that dogs are not far behind. Dogs are cunning and loyalty. They are often depicted in many religious settings. Many pet owners honor their deceased companion animals through their likeness, having tattooed on their bodies. This is particularly common for people who have worked with their dogs, such as firefighters and police officers.Horses are one of the noblest of creatures and often are used as a sign of pride. While closed to horses to color may be a hint of rebellion, a white horse is a sign of purity. By adding a horn and turning the mythical unicorn creature in the horse, the horse tattoo has a meaning and more powerful.Although wolves are often the villains in Fables and fairytales, in many cultures they are viewed as a very noble and loyal.Native american culture is particularly keen on the Wolf as a symbol of power and independence. Many people choose a tattoo to symbolize their Lone Wolf. Since wolves are pack animals, a wolf that keeps itself is regarded as a particularly independent creature.At first glance, a snake might seem unlikely as a representation of something positive. However keep in mind that the Serpent is a popular symbol in medicine, the first medical symbol itself. Represents the cunning snakes in many cultures and, therefore, are a popular choice for tattoos.Birds of various types are also common tattoos. In the United States, the bald eagle is a popular choice for those seeking a patriotic theme. Many members of the armed forces choose this animal to represent their beliefs. No other creature is the freedom, the backbone of the american ideal, rather than an eagle.Mythical birds are also popular. The Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth. In mythology, Phoenix rises from the ashes of destruction to carry with life. People who have suffered a tragic event often choose this symbol to remind them that new beginnings are possible.

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