Aug 06 2012

Temporary Tattoo Regret – Brandy Norwood

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Tattoos can be a wonderful way of a self-expression, but unfortunately people tend to make mistakes when choosing their tattoo designs. It may seem all fine and elegant, when you have 18 years but when you’re in your 40 years that might be scratching your head wondering why they have obtained what you have tattooed that could even would like that so they have failed in the first place. Believe it or not this happens much more often than you think.Singer Brandy Norwood has recently admitted that he regrets getting each one of her tattoos and wishes she could go back in time and decide not to receive them. Brandy has a total of five tattoos, one very large in your back, one on each shoulder, one in the ankle and another in the foot. She told the ladies of the talk show The View “, that I’m done, because when you’re a woman, it is sometimes too… and I don’t have too many.”However, brandy recently admitted to Sister 2 Sister magazine that she regrets her tattoo collection set. Had some problems when his six-year-old daughter, approached him and told him that I wanted a tattoo and Brandy convinced her to do so. This is what Brandy had to say about their temp tattoos and regretting the turn a blind eye to his daughter for not wanting to one.”I said, ‘ guess what?” When mama arrives 80 or 90 years old, these tattoos is going to be terrible. They are going to have wrinkles, are going to look ugly. Mama wants to never me I did a tattoo, because I don’t think when it will be 80 years old, how will be.? “”She just get a kick out of that.” She said, ‘ well, do you know what? I’m never going to get a tattoo, because I don’t want my body to wither when (a) 80 and my tattoos done disaster “.”Your friend tattooAshley

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