Aug 09 2012

Things to Look For in a Temporary Tattoo Artist

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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I got my first tattoo when I was 18, fresh from basic training. He Recon and Scout the bottom of my forearms. I went to the tattoo shop who was also someone’s House. It was under the bridge and you are in Kentucky. If you cringe when you read this then you are experiencing what is known as “intelligent response”.I had, needless to say, to get redone. My next tattoo was in my hometown of Lake Bonney, Washington. In the professional shop, the man who had fake large for adults tattoo for fifteen years, ten books full of his work. Completed quantitative and other half sleeves in Killeen, Texas. I spoke with my friends and co-workers obtained the views of people who’ve got tattoos on different parts of the region, showing the best record store path. I went there and found the artist you want to work with and had him draw me a picture of what I had an idea.See how I got progressively more and more in depth with the process of getting a tattoo? Most everyone learns things the hard way when it comes to tattoos. I want to give you the inside scoop on what you need to look for and ask when you get tattooed. It really comes down to the following three steps.1. do your research: find the best shop in your area. Go to the shops and look at the portfolio of an artist. If you don’t have one, don’t work with them. Find people that went to several shops and ask them about their experience. Don’t go anywhere that is also the home of someone or has a look dirty.2.Get draw: when you find the artist you want to work with, and get them to draw to you what you want. If they try to charge you, and leave. This is an absolute rip off, any place that does this is shady, period. If you love graphic and then move on to the next step.3. don’t get ripped off: any tattoo in black and gray and should not cost more than $ 100 per hour. Ask them how much they will do that, then ask them how long it will take. Simple mathematics. If you get color, should be around 175 hours. If everything is kosher and drawing like you get tattooed. Always remember to tip your artist, and a minimum of 20%That’s all! I hope I have enlightened and helped on your quest to get a tattoo.

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