Aug 19 2012

How To Care For New Temporary Tattoos

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Over the past ten years or so the tattoos are widely recognized by society and are visible nearly everywhere and in every place imaginable. With the addition of celebrity tattoos new york temp and display them with the general population also jumped on the bandwagon.In fact, there are approximately 5000 tattoo salons currently in the United States, this means that there are a lot of clients out there. Given the cost of small size ranges tattoo in price from $ 100 to $ 300 while larger stand in an hour you need lots of money to decorate your body with a decent size tattoos.Once you have chosen a tattoo Studio and decided to design a tattoo is put under the skin with a very specialized needle that moves up and down. Pain is a reality especially when you put the tattoo in highly sensitive areas of the body. After a few hours in the same position, you can have a body part whose work now needs to be taken care of.Tattoo work is not yet finished, until the skin around and under the tattoo heals. Without the tattoo healing process can be damaged, and if it does, he returned to the shop to repair it. The worst case scenario may be an infection that requires antibiotics are usually assigned by the doctor. That’s what you want to avoid at all costs.New tattoo, usually covered with gel or ointment called slime! There are many types of tattoos GOOS on the market today, but many contain artificial ingredients, including petroleum jelly. This is counterproductive, since Vaseline prevents the skin to breathe, that may feel good, but makes the healing process.When choosing a tattoo Goo always choose one with 100% natural ingredients and more importantly, make sure that the components that will help in the healing process. This means, look at the label and see if there are plant oils, pure beeswax, oil of the specialized media and essential oils, which are only intended for skin care.Instead of having to search everywhere to find such a product inaccessible for ultra Epi-D “Gold”, which is the best all natural tattoo Goo on the market today! Ultra Epi-D “Gold” has better active ingredients, vegetable oils, base oils, which promotes healing and soothing the skin in the process.There are more than twenty-two active ingredients of skin care products including exotic plant oils and carrier oils on pure beeswax base, making it Ultra Epi-D “Golden formula” one of the most effective products contributes to the healing of the skin around and under the tattoo. Use of this product or similar products at least three times a day to keep your skin from drying out. You really can’t use too much so to err on the side of excess.After the new tattoo you will experience itching and irritation in the area, but do not scratch. You risk damaging the tattoo and if there is dirt or anything under the finger nails, you can end up with an infection. It will take about three weeks for the skin to begin treatment and one more thing to remember, keep it away from the Sun.

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