Aug 21 2012

Chinese Character Temporary Tattoos – Translation and Meanings

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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The beauty and mystique of the Chinese symbolism is what many people want to have a Chinese tattoo. Chinese culture is what it is today by it is thousands of years of myths and legends, with the result that many Chinese proverbs are inked on the human skin.There are many forms of chinese tattoo, one of the most popular are the Chinese dragon that unlike Western faith, symbolizes a good omen or happiness and prosperity. Another popular Chinese tattoo is the flower tattoo, lemon, chrysanthemum, hydrangea and probably the most famous of all the lotus flower, which Buddhists all over the world recognize as a symbol of the Holy seat of Buddha. To the Chinese people the lotus flower symbolizes purity and perfection.Gaining huge popularity is the Chinese character tattoo, due to celebrities, such as the famous English footballer David Beckham, who recently unveiled an old Chinese proverb tattooed on his torso that reads: “death and life have determined appointments Wealth and honor are dependent of the sky …” The tattoo is inked in an old grass script that on most native Chinese speakers is almost illegible, but as with all arm tattoo sleeves their goal is that it means something for you and you alone.Chinese character writing is a form of art, and with estimates on more than 50,000 characters it is always all about common for translations to be wrong. All too often people eagerly to the tattoo shop with their Chinese tattoo designs, and getting signed for life with something that can translate as something very different than what they had in mind.

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