Aug 21 2012

Laser – The New Technology For Temporary Tattoo Removal!

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Laser light using stimulated emission of radiation, or amplifier is surprising that continue to do wonders in almost all areas of human endeavor, in particular in the field of medicine. The use of the laser even for commercial use, in particular in the removal of temporary tattoo chicago preliala.It is a common practice among professionals in the field of removal of the tattoo business use many types of lasers. The reason is that the laser will be effective only in the specific wavelengths in the spectrum of colors. This means that your doctor will use a certain type of laser for each color of your tattoo. If your tattoo has as many as four colors, then it will also be the four type of laser is participating.Available in four types of lasers used to remove tattoos. The first type focuses on blue and black inks. This type is called a Q-switching of laser rubnovy. It also removes the Green colors in varying degree of efficiency. The second type focuses on orange and red color and is called a Q-switched Nd: YAG. This laser produces a greater pain and scarring type than all other types of laser. The third type is also employed in the blue, green and black colors, but what is different is that the skin is not affected. It remains virtually the same before and after the removal of the tattoo. This type is called the Q-switched Alexandrite. A fourth type is called a dye lasers, and also focuses on the red, orange and violet colors. After the consultation, you should ask your medical practitioner, if all of the following types are available in the clinic, so you won’t waste your time, money and effort.Even with the use of the laser, you’ll still need a few meetings with your doctors. The number of sessions depends on the size and the colour is largely your tattoo. Your skin type and color, you also say, if you need more roads to your doctor. It usually takes about eight to twelve sessions to remove tattoos by laser. Even with this number of sessions, the removal rate is around 95%, only. More than 95% of the ber, it is still possible, but also increases the risk for your health.Osemty?dovej period of recovery is striped with eight to twelve sessions. This time the recovery will be healing the skin and the ink through your body the natural way of removing the impurities of the rout. In the course of time, when it was a lot of ink has been divided, the gradual disappearance of your tattoo laser can also take notice.

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