Aug 24 2012

Wings Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo
YiMei Waterproof temporary tattoos scorpion totem

This is a fairly common style tattoo wings on those people back. All, however, they are much smaller than I would like to see them, they are still pretty cool look. These two wings go through each of the shoulder, and will not be along the entire length of the back, as in larger do. And are in color almost gold, which is somewhat rare and. I don’t see this color very often on the tattoo wings, but I like it very much. This kind of fits the whole wings of an Angel. sDownload the award-winning DesignsIt Tattoo is my guess that this girl does not have great significance in mind at all, when I got this tattoo. I would be willing to assume that she simply wants to be perceived by the boys, and can only some boys, as Angel with the wings, and I am sure a lot of it is to get additional comments from when he had this tattoo s. This type of descending butterflies tattoo always get the girl who has it a little more attention. Not really, I’d like to see a mistake, most for tattoo wings to defend. This is a big turn on s for them.

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