Aug 28 2012

History and Meaning of Celtic Temporary Tattoos

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The Celts are people of iron age and Roman-era Europe, who spoke a Celtic language. The early Celtic people were known for their skills in jewellery, metalry and weapons. They were also warriors and was seen as tough warriors from their time. These days, the Celtic Nations are areas in northwestern Europe, where its own Celtic language and cultural traits have survived.In modern times, throughout the world, now is most Celtic people bear the Celtic symbols such as a proud remembrance of their Celtic descent. These symbols have been handed down through the years and generation even if the tattoo.Almost all the Celtic tattoo design came from Ireland. This is because Ireland has a very strong Celtic history. The height of the Celtic tattoos, however, took place during the era of stone and metal work was genuinely popular.The nodes is one of the most popular and common patterns. This type of design has loops with no end. It symbolizes the endless cycle of dying and rebirth, which are in conformity with the Celtic traditions. Another popular designs are animal designs. These patterns correspond to the node tattoos, even lines in the design usually ends up in the heads, tails and feet.The significance behind the knot in Celtic tiger temp tattoos defies any kind of literal translation and is on a much deeper level. The interlacing of the nodes express repeated passage of both physical and spiritual elements. The strings and their never-ending path is a popular design for Celtic tattoos that represent life, faith and love. For many years, the Celtics used these patterns for emotional as well as heritage purposes.Celtic tattoos are one of the the most difficult designs to tattoo. Although these patterns are difficult to make, Celtic descent usually find a Celtic tattoo to be a great way to express the pride of their heritage.

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