Aug 31 2012

Nautical Star Temporary Tattoos

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The origin of tattooing is quite interesting, and it has been an integral part of many cultures around the world. It is a body art, where people receive permanent design made on the body, with the help of a sharp instrument. Tattooing technique has experienced several changes or modifications as its origin. Previously it was pretty painful procedure, but these days, the State-of-the-art facilities have helped reduce the pain. Each tattoo is a unique feature of your own, you can tattoo theme or meaning associated with it. Nautical star tattoos is one of the oldest tattoos that have practiced since many centuries. Nautical star tattoos are symbols of strength and protection. Let us take a look at the origin of the sea star tattoos.The origin of Nautical Star tattoosNautical star tattoos were essentially invented the sailors. Before the advancement of tools and equipment that could help maritime navigation, sailors used to rely on the sites, which is located in nature. Navigation at night was quite difficult and complex compared to that day. North Star is a star that points to the north direction and does not change its position on an extended period of time. Thus, these sailors could rely on this star for their shipping and they called it a “Nautical Star”. They began carving this star tattoo form and took the tattoo as a lucky charm, which would ensure a safe journey home. Navigation star tattoo meanings began to evolve with the gradual change over time. Navigation of the star tattoo on his arm, was considered homosexuality symbolism. For these people, shipping star wrist tattoo was easy to hide with accessories and clothing. These tattoos are also quite popular among punk stars. Read more on, nautical star tattoos meanings. Now, let us move on to learn about nautical star tattoo designs.Nautical Star tattoo designsNavigation star tattoo is a five armed star with each of its arms to split into two symmetrical parts by a straight line. Nautical star tattoo temp body are simple, symmetrical and small businesses. They can be easily combined with other tattoo designs. Though, there is very little variation in the sea star design, there are a variety of elements that can be added to navigation star tattoo, increase the bold feature star tattoo. Crown design below or around sea star or nautical star tattoo with wings attached to its sides are just a few of the design ideas. Even a small sea star in the great sea star or starfish tattoos with banners is also a good tattoo idea. These tattoos are usually dark in color shades, filled with an alternative way. Black, red, blue, etc are some of the most popular colors used. You can go to one of the great sea star tattoo or with sea the stars arranged in the form of art group.To Be Placed On The Nautical Star TattooThe navigation is a small star tattoos tattoos, you can’t go wrong, but in deciding the placement of the tattoo design. Men, chest, hands, chest has some good placement in sea star tattoo. Read more on, nautical star tattoos on his chest. In turn, women, hips, hands, legs, arms and back to make some deployment capabilities. These tattoos look great in any part of the body, and therefore, may not be much, but its decision. You can even go to a symmetrical position as one of the star tattoo on each of your hands. When you choose larger designs, see that you choose a location that will give full justice to the tattoo.Read more about:Nautical star tattoos for girlsNautical star tattoos on hipsNautical star tattoos on footNautical star tattoos for guysSo, if you are fantazj about the history and characteristics of the sea star tattoo, then you can search for a good design and get one nautical star tattoo on the body. Happy Tattooing!

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