Sep 01 2012

Rose Temporary Tattoos

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Rose tattoo is by far the most popular of all models of flowers, perhaps the most popular of all tattoo designs. That prevalence is directly related to its power as a symbol. With their typical red color, they were related to the history of blood and also so alive. In fact, for the ancient Greeks, the Red roses were first thought to have increased his blood s lover Adonis, Aphrodite, also one of the most traditional red rose associations used today? Love and beauty. Often in the rose tattoo design, appears as a solo entity, as the design completely.1000 times typewritten DesignsAt other temp cheap tattoo is embellished with leaves, a long stem and thorns, even. Also, as in real life, other colors of rose might appear, each with their own symbolic meaning: grace and refinement to pink, white for purity and innocence, yellow for friendship, and even black for death. Perhaps the most famous of Red Roses is non-”the Yellow Rose of Texas”, which is not a rose at all, but a person. Immortalized in the nineteenth century folk song of the same name, the yellow rose is actually a young woman of mixed ethnicity, lost her wandering by sweetie. Rose tattoo in red is the rose classic image, which can be seen in thousands of shows from around the world.

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