Sep 02 2012

Temporary Tattoo Removal Review – Do Topical Tattoo Removers Work?

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Over-the-counter products removal of tattoos are popping up all over the Internet in the last few years. According to my research, the bottom line is that all of these products in fact work, but that some are much safer than others.For example, the tattoo removal creams and gels, works by blocking the new skin from producing pigment. Combine this product with skin exfoliation and eventually tattooed layers of the skin will be closer to the surface and fade. Gels and creams for removing tattoos, falls into the category of safe, because it does not contain ingredients that will leave a scar or additional trauma to the skin.What I found is that there are two types of topical products, the removal of the tattoo that are actually dangerous. These two types of hazardous products, the removal of the tattoo as well as those containing either STS (trichloroacetic acid) or hydroquinone. T.C.A. acid which works with combustion of the upper layers of the skin, until it reaches a tattooed layers of the skin. TCA treatments commonly used in the care of the face and held in the Office with the license of the doctor in the case that there is something to go wrong. Unfortunately, many of those with unwanted tattoos use too strong a solution and end up burning your skin, to the point that they are left with a large scar. Trading junk tetova?o junk scars is not good business, which is therefore used the STS is not generally suggested.Hydroquinone is a very controversial ingredient. Some say that it is harmless, as shown by the fact that it is still legal to buy in America. However, a little investigation said that can cause numerous health problems this ingredient, including cancer, which is: why has been banned in several countries, such as England, France and Japan.In short, that over-the-counter products removal tattoo fake adult do so long as it is to ensure that they do not contain ingredients such as hydroquinone and STS.

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