Sep 10 2012

8 Most Popular Celtic Design Temporary Tattoos

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Search for better rankings Celtic design tattoos? Here is a list of the eight most popular Celtic tattoo designs for you to read and see if you can find one that suits your style and personality.Us.This is probably the most common style of Celtic tattoo. The interlaced patterns of this project represent the continuous cycle of life and death, without beginning and without end. Sometimes, the node form certain works, geometric shapes such as triangles and circles. When these two forms match, usually makes a Trinity knot symbolizing the body, mind and spirit, or, Alternatively, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.Cross DesignsThis type of pattern is based on the Latin cross and usually has a ring, at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. The Celtic Cross is a symbol of the Union of Earth and heaven, the vertical bar represents the spiritual world, the horizontal bar represents the Earth, while the sterling silver rings is a symbol of eternal love of the creator to humanity. Within the cross, you can also find the continuous spiral patterns that symbolize the unending existence of love and spirit. The Celtic Cross is a great representation of the Celts “faith and love for their creator.Tree of lifeThe Celtic tree of life is similar to the cross in the sense that both build a connection between heaven and Earth. A common image of this style is that the roots of the tree are grabbing the land and its branches are reaching for the sky. The trunk of the tree of life serves as the meeting point of these two worlds.HeartsThe Celtic heart is often referred to as the love knot tattoo. It basically represents the unity of souls, and your design starts with a line that eventually turns into a heart-shaped node. If you are looking for a more romantic, so Celtic temp halloween tattoos design that are based on standards of the heart are the ones for you.Celtic CladdaghAnother style that also includes a heart at its design is that of a Celtic Claddagh.The heart is usually represented wearing a Crown and be held by two hands. Of course, the heart represents love, friendship typify the hands, while the Crown represents loyalty.Spiral DesignsAs mentioned before, spirals up the solid lines that form more complicated patterns. They often symbolize the immortality of love. If you prefer a simple tattoo, but with a special meaning, go with Celtic design tattoos with spiral patterns.Designs GamesAlso known as keyword patterns and step, the maze is the representation of a trip along the joys and challenges of life. Open and blocked paths represent the opportunities and obstacles that are normally found in life itself.Animal design Celtic TattoosThe Celts have always believed that animals have a great role and participation in the harmony of nature. Below are some examples of patterns of animals the Celts and their respective meanings:? Bull-force? Butterfly-transformation and rebirth? Crow-death? Loyalty and luck-dog? Dragon-magic and power? Horse-beauty, rejuvenation, vitality and speed? Nobility and strength-Lion? Peacock-purity? Snake-fertility, healing and rebirthI hope that after reading the seven main Celtic design tattoos, you should be able to find the most appropriate style that fits your image. Just make sure to give it a lot of thought before you go to a tattoo shop.

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