Sep 10 2012

Wolf Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Who doesn’t love the wolf tattoo t? This is by far one of the best temp tattoos totem ever designed by an artist. I love how this wolf tattoo seems alive, and the wolf is just staring you down. Wait to pounce when you the wrong move, or to lick you in the face when you joyfully the correct movement. Seems every time you look at a biker movie on television of the local biker will have a wolf tattoo, well it seems that way to me in any case. I love the wolf tattoo.1000s of Printable Tattoo DesignsMake it hot and naughty for the girls, and big and bad for the men. I think t think I ever seen that hasn t been a wolf tattoo t black, their must be a reason many tattoo artists are don t add colors to them. Maybe it’s a mystical thing to the wolf, then use only black or otherwise. I have many give credit to this artist, he or she has a great job which this from beginning to end. This tattoo is usually used on the arm the most, but I think I have a few people that they had seen on their backs. It doesn’t matter where you the wolf it will look hot and strong.

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