Sep 16 2012

Hottest Temporary Tattoo Designs For Men – Arm, Chest and Sleeve Tattoos

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King Horse Black and blue scorpion temporary temporary tattoos cool

The best accessory a man can have, is probably a tattoo. Tattoos have long been associated with masculinity and strength. When it comes to getting a tattoo, most of the work performed is in choosing a design. Your tattoo will be a representation of who you are, so you better find a design that you certainly resonance with.ArmWhen it comes to arm State, the old school design, which is often associated with sailors are on a comeback. Think nautical stars and anchors. The only difference with sailor designs then and now is that you can have these symbols look 3-d. But the classic male ruggedness is still there.Tribal designs are also popular as arm tattoos. These ink art looks mysterious but at the same time, the monotone using black ink and make them looks amazingly sleek. The best tribal designs that draw inspiration from is from Maori and Samoa strains.ChestThe chest is a perfect canvas for a tattoo. The reason for this is because there is more meat to work with as the artist is free to reproduce the design that you want without having to worry about not having enough space. With a chest tattoo, men are allowed to be more sensitive when it comes to design, since it rarely is seen by people (unless you’re a lifeguard by profession).Symbols such as hearts or cross is chosen for their significance. Put a Crown of thorns around the heart can portray a man who does not want to be disturbed by love, or a stone heart can mean both a Bachelor. For guys who are not afraid to let their emotions show, which has the name of a wife or a girlfriend is a great way to show his love.Animals are old symbols of strength. The Scorpion is one of these animals. Ancient mythology tells that skorpioner is feared by mortals and gods alike, and that its image is supposed to bring protection.SleevesSleeve chanel tattoos are not for sensitive souls. Basically, the entire upper arm is advertising a form of tattoo.Because of the size and visibility of tat that you will have a great thought should go into the design. Japanese designs are the most popular. A dragon wrapped around your upper arm will not only reinforce the well-defined biceps and triceps, but also exudes strength and wisdom.

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