Sep 19 2012

Celebrity Kids Temporary Tattoos – Rumer Willis

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Rumer Willis is not really a celebrity herself, even though she has been shown in a few movies here and there, but the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis seems to have a love for tattoos. The 20-year-old who has 4 tattoos. At first glance you will never think that Rumer has tattoos. This is the beauty of tattoos, people you least wanted but having a rule more than one.Here is a list of Rumer tattoos:1. She has a blue small birds on her right shoulder blade2. Some kind of symbol in black ink on her right wrist3. a small black rose kransen on her left sterling silver rings finger4. “be Present” written in a fancy writing going down on the left side of her chest.It seems like Bruce or Demi doesn’t have expressed a disliking to her daughters tattoo collection, and it can be a good thing because it’s a great opportunity for young Rumer will add another tattoo to her collection of one of these days. Rumer is also a good example of having multiple fake tattoo shop and not be seen as worthless. Yes you can’t satisfy everyone when it comes to tattoos, the tattoo location is key when deciding to get a tattoo. After all, if you were to first look at Rumer you probably wouldn’t notice some of her tattoos unless you got close to her. So if you’re worried about where to get your tattoo, you might want to consider some of the places where Rumer has hers. Please note that the tattoo on her chest is extremely painful, so think long and hard before you decide to get a tattoo there. also if you are dead set on getting a tattoo there be prepared to only be able to take the pain of getting it tatoveringen for just a few minutes at a time. Not for a moment do you think is a tricolor if this happens, the tattoo artist accustomed to this, because this is a very painful area to be tattooed.Your friend TattooAshley

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