Sep 23 2012

Aztec Temporary Tattoo Designs

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Most tribal culture tattoos have religious meanings attached to them. these religious faiths define the Aztec tattoo designs as well. Aztec tattoos depict rites of passages, but in today’s modern society these do not exist, however, to the beautiful art of Aztec tattoo designs exist even today.A little bit about the Aztec CivilizationThe Aztec civilization is one of the most advanced of ancient civilizations. It existed around the area of what is today known as New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. These people later migrated to what is now the Central Mexican region. They were considered to be more superior, prosperous and flourishing of all the other civilizations. The Aztecs built sophisticated cities, and they were also culturally well developed. In Aztec culture tribal that look real fake tattoos were made to differentiate between members of different tribes. While there were some tattoos, which were made to depict a warrior hierarchy and rank. To know more information please read the Aztec creation account.Aztec Tattoo DesignsAlthough the Aztec civilization has been wiped out by the Spaniards, there are many people who still want to show their allegiance to this ancient culture. Therefore they sport Aztec tattoos as a form of Aztec tattoos have meanings. Aztec tattoo meanings either have a religious blend to them or these tattoos mean what the person stands for in their faith. These tattoos are placed at strategic locations on the body, with a specific purpose.One of the most prominent feature of an Aztec tattoo design is that it is intricate, colorful, bold, and has various geometric shapes such as pyramids, etc. Often people are fooled by the simplicity of these tattoo designs. To get the right look, it is important that the tattoo artist is a master of his craft, as a small mistake can also create a havoc and make the tattoo look bad.You can choose to have symbols from Aztec language for your tattoo, but there are very few people who are able to decipher the symbols, while they aren’t translated well enough. Most of the tattoo artists tattoo only those symbols which they understand completely.Aztec tattoos and meaningsLets focus a little on Aztec tattoos and their meanings. Many people get tattoo of the Sun etched on themselves. In Aztec culture the Sun represents a guardian who guards the heaven and at the same time, Sun also is responsible for regeneration and renewal. People also have a belief in a life after death get themselves tattooed with the symbol of the Sun. “the Sun tattoos were also made in honor of the Aztec Sun God” Huitzilopochtli “. Some people also get a warrior tattoo made. As these people think that they are like warriors in what they do, therefore they do whatever it takes to win. It is said that the Aztec warriors did everything they could for their people. It is where people draw inspiration from. In the Aztec tattoo designs, calender and Eagle design too much with the Warrior and Sun tattoo designs. Calender Aztec tattoo designs are often filled with images, which has representation of the Sun with different facial expressions. The Eagle tattoo is often placed on a warrior tattoo. An eagle represents courage, power and strength, due to the Eagles amazing flying skills, strong nature and large size. The Feathered Serpent God “Quetzalcoatl” represents creativity, fertility and weather. At the same time, he was also the most powerful of all Aztec gods. For more information, please refer to Aztec mythology and Aztec gods.For more information, readAztec templesAztec pyramidsWhen you choose your Aztec tattoo designs, it is important that you get a design that matches your personality well. At the same time meaning tattoo designs to portray, is of great importance. Before you decide on a design, remember to research well. You will find a lot of free Aztec tattoo designs on the internet.However, I opine that you should have a creative design that most people looking on the internet for free Aztec tattoo designs will also be able to find similar patterns. You can also talk to your tattoo artist, before you complete your tattoo design. The other way is to get a temporary tattoo made, and if you are comfortable with the final product, you can get a permanent design made. Aztec tattoo design is different than other regular tattoos, as they are most striking to look at because of the use of bright colors.

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