Sep 23 2012

Temporary Tattoo Removal Reviews – What is the Difference Between a Tattoo Removal Cream and TCA Removal?

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There are three differences between a tattoo removal cream and TC’s removal.1. pain2. the risk of side effects and complications3. how they work1. paino tattoo removal cream does not cause pain, because the components are not damaged or break the skin.o TCA (trichloracetic) is an acid skin peeler for use on wrinkles and acne scars. Apparently, peeling skin layers of hurt. It is so painful that dermatologists use painkillers during the TCA skin peels for acne or wrinkles.2. the risk of side effects and complicationso temporary, minor complication to use tattoo removal cream is, first, that the tattoo seems brighter. It’s not long. It shows the cream working. It works in tandem with a light exfoliation to ink to the surface, where it can be naturally shed. Effective tattoo removal cream uses ingredients proven safe and effective for other skin whitening treatment for moles, freckles and skin side effect of these TCE removal is the scars. Peeling away the layers of the skin with these acids damage the delicate epidermis. As the skin heals, it always scar.o Late complications using TCA around the eyes, mouth or lips. Even the marketing Web site of TC removal clearly warn them off the face of the openings.What medical experts say about TC’s”Trichloroacetic acid can cause serious burns and is very irritating to the eyes and to the skin it’s a pungent irritating to skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Trichloroacetic acid is classified as a poison (subcutaneous) subcutaneous route. “. Source: Duke medical school3. how they worko where to buy tattoo temporary removal cream updated unwanted ink, which allows the body to shed a colored cell. Often a small light friction with a special sponge encourages new skin cell growth. Over time the inked skin layers to get closer to the skin’s surface and finally appear washed out or deleted, depending on the depth of color and tattoo.o turn off the TC works, burning off the top layers of the tattoo. Dermatologists avoid TCA tattoo removal because the patient is not satisfied with the results.Tattoo artists to shoot deep into the skin layers of ink. Chemical peeling of the top layer could easily fade tattoo, but it may not get a deep pigment to ink tattoo. And remember, the TC can be poisonous if put under the skin.TC warning removal and people of ColorThis warning is absolute. The TCA tattoo removal funds traders clearly states it can be used only to Caucasian skin. They will produce negative results, brown black and Asian skin tones.Other considerationso If the tattoo is on sensitive or private area, peeling and pain from the TCA withdrawal would not be recommended.o the removal cream requires using many products over a significant period of time. It causes a slow, smooth fading ink without pain and you use a lot of it.In General, the main difference between a tattoo removal cream and TC is the removal of safety and efficacy.

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