Sep 26 2012

Does Getting a Temporary Tattoo Hurt? No Pain, No Gain!

Posted by lu in Tattoo
Extra large size A4 size 8.3 x 11.7 inches waterproof black flower temporary tattoos

One of the first things someone asks about it, when I think about getting a tattoo is, “how much does it hurt?”When the tattoo artist asks this question, the answer you will get is: “no pain, no gain.”When getting a tattoo, it is good to consider that not all parts of the body are so sensitive to pain as other people, and it could play a big role in determining where to get ink. Also, not everyone has the same level of pain tolerance.Fleshy parts of the body are less sensitive to pain than the thin skin or near the bone.If you are a man who is more prone to pain than most, the tattoo artist asks where to put the tattoo would be recommended. From experience, the artist knows the best spots on the body to place tattoos fake flower to pain will be less.Parts of the body with the least sensitivity to pain tattoos are:”The upper and lower armThigh?”Yean”ShoulderThese parts of the body most sensitive to tattoo the pain are:”Feet”The GroinThe Hand?”Neck”In The Face OfAlthough the above areas are more sensitive, they can also be the most decorative when design is done correctly.Those who are not afraid of the pain should be no problem to get a tattoo from the most sensitive body zones.”No pain, no gain” rule may be true for some people, but having an experienced tattoo artist, the correct location of the body, and the right care can make all the difference and save the tattoo pain to a minimum.

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