Sep 27 2012

Polynesian Temporary Tattoos – How To Design A Polynesian Tattoo

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The Polynesian-style butterfly tattoo sticker rich video, that draw inspiration from the Polynesian Islands. Their deep and rich history provides a good inspiration for these types of tattoos. Polynesian tribal tattoos design is similar to, and often compared with them. The difference is the use of numbers between the two designs.Polynesian tattoos are bolder in summary or specific figures that represent different types of totems are used. These totems are made on the basis of the history of these islands. The overall color is used, and the use of the design is black. Style is the ancient ones that have been used for a long period of time, which may be different, depending on the region of the world that a great impact on you or from which to draw inspiration.Every Polynesian island has its own symbolic meaning. The first thing you need to do is determine what type of man you want to use on your tattoo. Their designs can be a Samoan, Hawaiian and Marquesan and Tahitian Maori works of art that are worth considering. Can be done in a different style, taking inspiration from all the Islands and various tattoo designers have their own opinion about them.Can be added to your design from the Polynesian Islands God Tiki. He was, according to legend, to be able to anticipate any problems, as long as it gets. He often composed with u?merktomis eyes. All Polynesian statues that have human form Tiki. You can choose a realistic Tiki or customized a lot of stylish designs that are based on abstract or geometric patterns used in Polynesian designs.The use of the Polynesian designs represent the wealth of seashells. Shells were often used as currency to these islands and symbolically important to bring riches to the House.Shark teeth are used in the design, in order to protect themselves from the bad eye. Sharks are seen as Holy creatures and the Polynesian people thought of them as protectors against the enemyTry to get Gecko on your tattoo, which is a popular choice among the Polynesian tattoos. Those works would have to have supernatural powers.

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