Oct 01 2012

The Complete Amazing History of the Temporary Tattoo, Right Here!

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Humans have always used in different ways to convey their feelings or the inner part of themselves. This can be seen in the fashion of a person or what he wears. For example, some people donning military shirts for the reason that these pieces of clothing represent courage, bravery and strength. Despite being generic, a military shirt can still be customized in several ways to define personhood. However, aside from the clothing that we wear, another way of expressing our individuality through tattoos – a practice that has been around for centuries.In the past, many people believed that the art of tattooing origin of the Egyptians, because of many Pharaohs had butterfly tattoos temporary in several places. This, however, changed when the discovery of an old 5300 years ?tzi the Iceman mummy in which it was also discovered that he had marks on his skin. As a result, it has been proven that more Egyptian civilization, even during prehistoric times, the art of the tattoo had already been around. However, one cannot say that the application of these tattoos were.Proof that the art of tattooing has been around for centuries has been the discovery of a prehistoric tattooed body in Russia, which showed the reasons related to the magic, mythical creatures and animals. After this search, more body with tattoos on their bodies were discovered in the same place.Before the supreme reign of the Egyptian empire, where the art of tattooing proliferated, the Indians had used henna to create marks on the body for the sole purpose of aesthetics. However, in Greece, it is said that the art of tattooing has been used as an identifying mark or a secret code of the art of tattooing beginner spies.The if was used as a means of prisoners labels in Rome and in many other places for this day.People Islands Samoa had the art of tattooing as part of their tradition then. He was the Chief of the tribe that was heavily tattooed. In addition to symbolizing his own social position, tattooing was also a part of a ritual which indicates puberty and it also meant the dedication of young adults to their culture. It can also be said that the tattoo was an integral part of the culture of New Zealand as evidenced by their Moko art that makes use of sculpture techniques. The people of this place have acquired skills and accuracy in the art of tattooing.That same day, many Indonesians in Borneo continue to practice the art of inking on their faces and body markings. Different as they are, Borneo-born designs are the most popular in the Western world. And some tribes in Africa still carry on the practice of tattooing. However, because they are dark, these people prefer the scarification of the body and face painting.Around for centuries now, the tattoo still throws many questions. This practice has really if embedded in the modern Western world with sailors and prisoners brought to England by Captain Cook? Does it spread in America to the Colombia or Latin America? One cannot be so sure. One thing is certain however: the very first tattoo shop has opened in New York in 1846!

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