Oct 03 2012

Foot Temporary Tattoos – What You Should Know Before Getting a Foot Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo

Foot tattoos have always been very common, especially among girls, and it can look very sexy and feminine. When it’s done right. How to get a tattoo on your foot has the advantage that you can always hide it where ever you want. But they have been known to fade very quickly, much faster than temporary tattoo make on other parts of the body. Wearing shoes all the time is one of the reasons for it to disappear, so therefore it does not need to touch often.The girls are much higher than the preference for those guys. Some of the most famous celebrities with foot tattoos is Katherine McPhee, Rihanna, Charlize Theron and Nicole Richie. The most common design of foot tattoos have been a flower design, and Star design. They are a brilliant work of art that she has set up a new fashion trend, but keep in mind, it can be quite painful.Just like any other tattoo get another tattoo before you get a foot tattoo, you need to think about it for a bit. One thing you have to avoid going to the small and complex design. And, if possible, try to avoid the many colors of light to your tattoo because its so wearing on their feet and shoes all the time it can disappear quickly when light colors are used. It can be done, sometimes healing so as to avoid irritation it is recommended that you wear the stockings after getting a foot tattoo for quite a while after getting a foot tattoo. As mentioned above must be pre-paid for a bit of a pain, and it can also bleed a little, but to get it, but it’s worth the pain because it looks amazing when it was made very well.

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