Oct 07 2012

Picking a Temporary Tattoo Design – 3 Costly Mistakes

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Choosing a tattoo design is a big deal. You probably know how many thoughts go through your head when you ask wether this is “one”. Unfortunately, most people get it wrong. A dear price to pay. Even if your tattoo. It might only cost $ 100 to $ 200 dollars, removing it can cost easily 10 times that.When it comes to choosing a very cool tattoo design that is unique and special for you, there are some things which you can do simply to avoid making the mistake of his life. Here are the 3 most common mistakes that you should avid at all costs.1. impulsive TattoosI heard the story of the girl who becomes his beloved’s name tattooed on her ass only to share with him three weeks later. Living conditions for the rest of your life with regret a tattoo and embarrassing on your body is the ultimate mistake you can make.To avoid this, you should not impulsive tattoos. Take your time to decide what you want and more importantly what you want. Ask yourself if you have the same meaning for you in ten years from now and, if you’re going to get your lover’s name tattooed on your body, make sure you keep it small and in a discreet place. Always leave the tattoo design roll around in your head for a few days to make sure that you really like.2. Copy blindly forward someone else’s cool tattoosSo often we see someone with a really amazing tattoo. You know, like the tattoo that stops everyone. Cool, original, beautifully made, and oh, so sexy. It’s natural to want one also … just like that. The truth is that what looks good on a person will not necessarily look good on another.The reason for certain celtic fake tattoo look so great on some people is because they are comfortable with. Is unique to them and match their body and their personality.When the project is copied to another person just seems weak and lacks “oomph”, which made it pop in the first place.Consideration of key design is to always make your own. Not just copy blindly forward she makes your own. by changing the design and particularizandu it for something that speaks about what you like and who you are.3. going to the cheaper store of tattoosEven the best tattoo design will show garbage if not executed well. Different tattoo artists have different styles and you will need to make sure that your Artist. the tattoo will be able to offer you exactly what you want. It’s hard to judge a tattoo shop’s cover. Be sure to see examples of actual work on the artist. the tattoo have done in the past.The best way to find the perfect artist for tattoo design is going on word of mouth. If you have friends who can honestly recommend a great artists, then go for it as most things in life, you will pay for the best, but worth it. After all the tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life. Choose wisely!

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