Oct 07 2012

Tramp Stamp Temporary Tattoos

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Extra large size A4 size 8.3 x 11.7 inches waterproof black flower temporary tattoos

Tramp tattoos have a history of about fifty years. Wonder how you may never have heard of them? Well, let me give you a few hints. These tattoos are very popular in the United States, especially California. And that is why they are ‘ loving ‘ called California plates. So you could guess which tattoos I refer to? Tramp stamp tattoos are nothing but lower back tattoos! So now that you know what is a vagabond stamp, let’s see why it is called.Why the name Tramp Stamp?Although tattoos are very popular these days and, although they are considered a symbol of coolness, there are some tattoos that are considered waste or “bad”, the lower part of the back tattoos is one of them. In the 19th century. century there were many groups of people who believed that women who get a lower back tattoo done, has a low slope in the direction of sex. Previously the name tramp stamp has no negative impact. It would be called tramp stamp simply because they looked as if they were stamped. Another interesting fact about these tramp stamp tattoos was because originally this expression has come about, it was used to refer only tribal or Celtic tattoos. Lower back tattoos had nothing to do with it. it was only in the early 1990s, when some prejudiced opinion people gave a vulgar sense with it. but it is a long time back, now no tattoos are considered “bad”. Actually, tattoos like a must, if you want to see cool! It was about the history of tramp stamp tattoos. Now let us take a look at the different designs. Read more about the lower part of the back tattoos with name.Tramp Stamp Tattoo DesignTramp stamp or lower back tattoos are very popular among women, for obvious reasons.After all, it is they who hold the ability to flagre in gorgeous way! But if you are a guy, and still want to get a lower back tattoo, there are a few designs that suits you well. Read more about the lower part of the back tattoos for women.Heart Tramp Stamp TattoosHeart tattoos can be done in any place, but they look the best if it is done on the lower part of the back. There are also many designs available in this category. If you like simple designs, go to just a simple heart bordered with vines. If you like elaborate designs, so you can go to a Cupid with a heart or an Angel stops the heart. If you are the artistic type, try shading the heart with two colors as gray and red. You can also refer to heart tattoos for women, for more ideas.Tribal Tramp TattoosTribal tattoos design can be one of the best choice if you are looking for tramp stamp tattoos for men. Tribal tattoos generally have elaborate design that makes them a good choice as far as tramp tattoos are affected. Talk about tribal tattoos design, can men go to drengede designs as tribal dragon tattoos or the classic tribal tattoo design that makes use of thick black design. Tramp tattoos for women can contain designs like tribal rose tattoos or tribal areas Butterfly tattoos. Various other tribal tattoos as the Polynesian tattoo or Maori tribal tattoos are also among the other options, you can choose from.Fairy TattoosFairy tattoos for women are also very popular as tramp stamp tattoo designs. They look fine, beautiful and totally piget! If you are fe tattoo done, so you must not forget to fill it with different colors! Fairies like Tinkerbell or mythical creatures like unicorn have quite demand.It was some of the tramp stamp tattoos fake Angel for girls as well as boys.In addition to these tattoo designs, there are a few other designs like butterfly tattoos or floral tattoos, which also look quite trendy. So go fast and get a tramp stamp tattoo done, but do not forget that the only tattoo care will help to reveal the beauty of your unique tramp stamp tattoo!

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