Oct 09 2012

Stars Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Here we have a tattoo stars that looks a little different than most. He has what appears to be an iron Celtic cross between a field of stars and I can only guess the meaning behind these two things are put together. I would have to assume that it is intended to combine the two meanings, a new chance at life and journey to stardom, and the stars, with the promise of divine assistance for tomorrow, as prescribed by the meaning of the cross tattoo.1000s of printable tattoo DesignsA way of saying that your journey through life being guided, at least in part, by the power of God. It seems reasonable, but who knows with that jewelry tattoos temp stars, that is not a Celtic Cross in the Center at all. Maybe that is intended to be a nautical star and if that is the case, then more than likely has more than one meaning for sailors from all over the world. They used a nautical star tattoo to document their browsing experience, as well as to symbolize his return to their loves. And quite possibly this tattoo could be simply the way a sailor feels like, as he travels the ocean so that the stars travel the universe.

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