Oct 13 2012

Lotus Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Tattoos are more likely then not have considerable symbolic importance. Of course, it is true that some s projects are intended to be humorous or novel, but most of them have some importance. And this is even more the case when it comes to angel wings temporary tattoos of the Lotus. Tattoo lotus usually refers to the different meanings, such as process, as it grows.1000s Tattoo print DesignsCan imagine how a Lotus grows from a remarkably down the pond? Everything grows into the pond is something you cannot imagine as beautiful, because pond environment s is a little mud and gross, but Lotus actually thrives here. Like a Lotus Flower, flowers in a beautiful flower, despite the fact that grows out of the slimy mud pond and that he was able to pick up from the mud in the direction of the Sun and the flowers bloom in the pretty flower is something that symbolizes power, strength and life. The other meanings are ascribed to the Lotus tattoo is love, and sometimes the longing for love, life and the beauty of this means for the people and it can also mean a rejuvenation or a good transformation. May is the Lotus flower to add to your collection of body art.

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