Oct 17 2012

Top 3 Sexy and Feminine Temporary Tattoo Designs for Women – Flower, Butterfly and Star Tattoos

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King Horse Temporary tattoo sticker black flowers flowers

Women want to be sexy with her tattoos. Who can blame them, A color of the female’s skin should be an expression of her feminine and strong side that makes her sexy all the way. And when it comes to expressing these properties, these are the top three choices:Flowers have always been a symbol of a woman’s beauty. It never fails to shine on her skin, whether it is a red rose, a cherry blossom, perhaps, or the delicate hibiscus. There are lots of varieties of flowers and there are always the perfect flower that can match and exemplifies a woman’s inner feelings and personality. Of course means place forever. And the thing with flower tattoos is that they look good no matter what part of the body they are placed on. Whether it is a Lotus hides on the hips, an orchid flower on the chest or a flowered vines routing on a Sentinel.Butterflies have always been an initial favorite, and it is still in fashion until now. These creatures do undeniably stunning and meaningful tat. They have beautiful colors, interesting patterns vane and symbolic meanings. The journey went through before becoming a moth has always been a symbol of rebirth, change and transformation. There are properties that women can always relate to and identify with, that is why, butterfly tattoo stickers never tires flutter on a woman’s skin.Star is one of the most universal symbol, and at the same time, a favorite tattoo picture. Thing with the stars is their simplicity and versatility that makes them one of the most coveted Committee instituted. Not to mention with the flexibility of design allows a fixed almost all sense. they can be tattooed as a single star, in groups or as shooting stars. They would look great in either black or white or colorful hues. Best is, they prefer not to any body part for them to look appealing. A single star on the wrist would be noticeable and even two stars on the foot can have the same effect.Sexy and feminine tattoos is the way to go if you want to get the most out of your ink. Do not forget, that the meaning is significant and personal for you too, so you would not regret in the end.

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