Oct 21 2012

Celebrate Your Youth And Beauty With Henna Temporary Tattoo Designs

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Looking as far back as the Bronze Age, we find that people use Hena as a art body. Then, and now, a lot of culture, especially in Asian countries use drawing elaborate tatoo Hena on the body in their hands on their feet with the same on the figure to celebrate special days holiday social and cultural. You can find pictures of many of the wedding attracted completely covered with tatoo big Hena ‘s, and color them red and black are dominant.That culture, it seems the tatoo Hena they lie connected with concept in beauty youth, and celebration especially during the wedding. In order to a bride must thought as fit went out against his horse Veterinarian would need covered with tatoo a lot of beautiful and traditional. Considered chance married these new, tatoo there was a a lot of Symbolism in the picture.Other special occasions deserve tatoo Hena including religious affairs like pouring, Eid, Diwali, Karva Chauth, Nowruz, Mawlid, United and even Passover day the Saints ‘ as well as personal occasions such as the birth of circumcision, and birthday. Victory in battle should souvenirs and the ankreur in picture tatoo!What was the importance of Hena body in the arts who as long that there were something they celebrate, tatoo Hena was the best way they show joy in people. It was their pleasure to see them together and Hena on the skin their heart and feet. Tatoo Bridal is attracted, but the tatoo Hena also beautiful look in, even if smaller than uncomplicated.Today, that tradition old years old will live on in many parts of the world. Advancement in the arts Hena body through years lie in innovations, the new related to the fine line work as well as glitter and Golden added in their traditional tatoo black and red.In Western culture, tatoo Hena also popular although special occasions does not have to make them on the figure over his body, Tatouage artists will be will be in honor and they made ankreur in picture great as long as people in want one.

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