Oct 22 2012

Temporary Tattoo Art – Artistic Expression Or Mutilation?

Posted by lu in Tattoo
Extra large size A4 size 8.3 x 11.7 inches waterproof scorpion temporary tattoos

Who does not have a tattoo or ten these days? When temporary glitter tattoos come individual artistic forms of expression, and when they come to the mutilation of the person using them? I can’t pretend to know. I don’t have any myself. I’m not against them. They have been the driving force behind human societies back to the dawn of man.It looks like a modern-day wave tattoo popularity started professional athletes and young musicians. It was like a badge of honor, and what’s more had more street-credibility you have earned. But tattoos have gone fully mainstream as we can all see.But I wonder just how many one person need? Of course, it’s their decision and they have every right to do whatever they want to their bodies. I have seen many incredibly creative and beautifully done tattoos. We have all seen the flip-side. But, what if a man change his mind? Sure, you can have ‘em lasered off, but I’ve heard that it is very expensive and painful.Is there a tattoo leads to wanting more? Of course, it seems. Many of my friends sports them. They’re very popular among guys and gals. Although the term “tramp stamp” is very worrying. Just because a woman decides to get a TAT on her back, is it all of a sudden the Wingy make her trailer trash? Not in my book. Does not succeed. All about self-expression and every body’s right to do as they see fit. To be fair, don’t you guys get a “thug stamps?”But, why do people get them makes me very curious. It’s pretty Dang hip these days, at any age, there is no doubt about that. But then there’s always the old “fading” issue. And you don’t know how to do tattoos will play out over the long haul until you get there. Too many variables to predict, I’d imagine.The ones that bug me the most are the neck, and, in particular, FACE! God, why do you want to make themselves unemployable and immediately stared-at freak? That I do not get it. But you definitely see it more often than before.And once again, it’s not my choice to make. I’ve always been a freedom fanatic. And is it really the tattoos are all about?The popularity of tattoos is right on the charts. I look at how many clubs exist in our small town, and I’m blown away by the number is born in recent times. Well, it’s all about being free to do whatever you want. It’s really not my business, but I have admitted a tattoo of Gawker. It is impossible not to look. I’ll even ask the person about his or her if I like it.So the question is: is or not, a tattoo?

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