Oct 24 2012

Yin Yang Temporary Tattoo

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Long leaves Figure rattan waterproof and sweat tattoo sticker

Yin Yang tattoos symbolize the duality of life and nature of the wearer. Is really an expression of opposites attract. She represents light and darkness, life and death, male and female, etc. There are a number of ways in which yin yang tattoo can be displayed. The number of tokens that can go along with this style is infinite and if you’re really creative, you will create a unique tattoo for yourself. You may want to read about the meaning of the yin yang symbol.Yin Yang tattoo MeaningYin Yang is often transformed into a symbol of love for some, where there can be no yin without yang. The thought that opposites attract is also described by this project. Traditional designs yin yang had both black and white colors in it. At the same time, the light and dark portions are not mutually exclusive of one another. Each half of the yin yang design has a fall of another color in the same, symbolizing that the light, there is a small piece of darkness, and in darkness, there is still a ray of light. The core of ancient Chinese philosophy is about this duality of the universe. He is also the mean that opposites come together to balance the entire universe to bring harmony in the universe. The light portion of the yin yang is yin. It symbolizes the feminine side and is destructive in nature. On the other hand, yang is the dark side and represents the male side and is creative. When both the yin and yang are together, they create the five basic elements present in nature, i.e. Earth, water, fire, metal and wood. Click to read about yin yang meaning.Yin Yang TattooThe traditional yin yang design is circular, with a dark sock and a half-light, where both parts fit like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together to form a whole. Some choose to create yin yang as a symbol of love. The traditional yin yang tattoo is transformed into a heart shape and is surrounded by roses. Some people look at it as a symbol of strength.So, can be put on the breastplate of a warrior in the battlefield. Can also be done with a White Dragon around the black circle and Black Dragon around a white circle. The variety is drawing a yin yang tattoo with Celtic knots or with a nautical star in the middle. You may want to read about Celtic tattoos.The basic elements can also be used in Yin Yang tattoos. Opposing elements, such as water and fire, Earth and air can be used to create an interesting tattoo design. Animals or fantasy creatures can also be used in style to create fake tattoos real yin yang. An example would be to describe a tame rabbit look, wrapped around one side and the other side a ferocious tiger. Yin yang tattoos can also be combined with other tattoo designs like Dragon tattoos, phoenix tattoos, Dolphin tattoo, koi fish tattoos, etc Two circular drawn fish tattoos, with their mouths facing each other tail is one of the popular designs in yin yang tattoos. Similarly, other animals may also be taken, as two dolphins, Tigers, lizards, etc. If you like tribal tattoos, then you can also opt for tribal yin yang tattoos. Read Chinese tattoos and their meanings for more information.Although the traditional yin yang tattoos are done in black and white, you can also be creative and make colorful vibrant yin yang tattoos. You may want to read about black and white tattoos. There is no hard and fast rule about the placement of yin yang tattoos. It can be placed in the arms, neck, chest, etc. since they are small in size, they are very well in any part of the body. In case you want to make a great tattoo, upper back and arm is the best option. For small tattoos, wrist, back and ankles are the best areas.

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