Oct 26 2012

Best Way to Remove a Temporary Tattoo – Is Using a Tattoo Removal Cream an Effective Option?

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What is the best way to remove a tattoo? Simple, go to the surgeon, and they cut out a piece of the un-tattooed skin and graft the tattooed portion of the skin. Sounds good right? No, well, this is because this method is only for those who have tens of thousands of dollars to burn, and or a few screw loose in his own head.Laser treatments? Of course, this is a good option as well. However, it is also very expensive and very painful. After I saw a fair amount of videos, which show tat laser removal, I can confidently say I’ll never do it. I also saw a guy without using a numbing cream csinlnd. Crazy! In my opinion the only time one should go for the laser treatment center, if you are a stars tattoos temp removal cream or gel advance faded in very large or complex tattoo and the laser as a last resort.Tattoo Removal creams and gels.First gels actually is the better choice, because they absorb more efficiently than the creams do. Secondly, with the help of this type of product is the least risky and most cost effective option to remove. All people have to do is to make the skin Exfoliating pad or device along with the cream and gel, and a few months, start to fade your tattoo. It is important to note, first, that the tattoo may look brighter, meaning that only the top layer of skin has been removed, and that the skin layers tattooed is getting closer to shallow, and therefore temporary.Also, a cream or gel will not scar or injuries of the skin in contrast to TCA products and laser treatments.

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