Oct 27 2012

Different Girly Temporary Tattoo Styles

Posted by lu in Tattoo
King Horse Alternative Rose skull and snake waterproof and sweat tattoo sticker

There are literally tons of girl tattoo designs, which might interest you, or someone you know. Your tattoo design can be anything from a major (meaningful), sensual, or just to express your personality. There are a ton of different reasons why people get tattoos, you’ll just have to start now to see which one will work for you!Here are some ideas for women when it comes to tattoos.Heart Tattoos-women put it anywhere on the body of their ankle, arm, legs, thighs and area. It’s a great idea for those who want to have a great looking tattoo, without doing too much!Lower back tattoo-this is a very popular tattoo for many reasons, including being a sign of “feminism”. When people see it, it tends to have that “prohibited effect”-simply because it does not look as it should be seen, but it is.Foot fake assorted tattoos C Foot tattoos are awesome just for the fact that they can be hidden and, if necessary, may be exposed to add a bit of pizzazz to your personality. Whether you choose what to do with them, it’s a great idea. A lot of women to add things such as butterflies, hearts, roses, special animals, dolphins, etc. There are a unlimited number of combinations when it comes to using the foot tattoos!Hip tattoos C there are many variations of hip tattoos, it all depends what you want. It may be a small tattoo, which is in the front center of each side of your hip, tattoo, which covers the entire area in the immediate vicinity of the pubic area, or an elaborate design down the side of the foot, the choice is yours!Ankle tattoo-there are many celebrities that use the ankle tattoos, especially a woman’s personality, which usually come off as “extremely innocent”. Ankle tattoo can be a nice contrast from the normal pretty girls personality. It’s just enough to not look too much, but just enough to express the point!

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