Oct 27 2012

Free Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo
YiMei Luminous tattoo sticker waterproof angel sun the body painting

One major thing that keeps people from tattoos is money. If you want a good tattoo and you have a pretty descent size tattoo chose, which has a lot of detail in you you are looking to pay some big bucks to get are subscribed to you. However, there may be the answer to your prayers. There is a tattoo Studio in Omaha, which gives free tattoo throughout the day. Tattoo Studio made it for nine years in a row, and I see no reason to stop. Shop believes that daily customers appreciation. And, as you can imagine, people start lining up the night before to give them a good place in line and make sure that they will receive a free tattoo.Just in case you’re wondering, there’s really no great catch on it. To get a free tattoo you got a tattoo from the liquid courage sometime within the last 12 months. And if you don’t fit that Bill than you can simply make a donation to your local animal shelter. Your donation may just be a bag of dog food, some dog bowls, dog bed or something like that. Or how you look at it, those items are worth less than the tattoo.So, if you live in Omaha and love temporarary tattoos don’t forget to mark it on your calendar for next year. And if you don’t live in Omaha to consider taking a road trip, but don’t forget to bring a donation to you.Your tattoo OneAshley

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