Oct 29 2012

Half Sleeve Temporary Tattoos – The Hottest Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

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The sleeve tattoos designs are very hot right now. More and more people feel the freedom and power to achieve a full and half sleeve tattoo. Many of the restrictions in the workplace have tattoos loosen in recent years and has tattoos have become a wider acceptance. So, has led to many men and women to go out and get much larger tattoo piece. If you are thinking about getting a sleeve tattoo means, then you need to continue reading through some of the most important ideas.1/2 Sleeve tattoos and designs for menCeltic Cross-Celtic crosses have long been a very popular design. Of course, the standard Celtic Cross symbolizes fertility and, of course, Christianity. Early in the cross symbol was used in many pagan cultures. It was at that time believed to be a symbol of fertility. The cross represents the male and the circle in the center of the cross of the female. It was later adapted to become the powerful symbol of Christianity that is today.-Flames Flames and fire, of course, is something that has always fascinated man since the dawn of time, or at least since the invention of fire. For some reason the power of destruction and the attraction still remains strong for many Mystic men. Therefore, the design becomes a great tattoo.Tribal-there are a variety of ways to get a tribal tattoo design. Large bold black lines and usually have strong which is an advantage for a male tattoo. You can see from a distance and looks great and is much more resistant to fading over time. Today, many men choose more traditional tribal tattoos, such as those designed or maori designs instead of the Hawaiians bread mix up new age tribal that was made more in the 1990s.1/2 Sleeve fake tattoo kids and designs for womenKoi fish-koi fish traditional for women is one of the most popular and half sleeve tattoos. In Japan, the symbol of carp koi represents power, struggle and self-sufficiency. In ancient Japan, and even the koi fish swim against Chinese tradition by running against the tide that has become a symbol of power.Floral-floral patterns patterns are also always popular for women and since the vines can wrap around the arm in an abstract and beautiful pattern that makes a great sleeve design. Also the bright colors to use on the flower and the infinite potential of a variety of floral designs makes a great flower symbolism option for tattoos on the sleeve and a half.These are just some of the ideas that are in fashion now. However, it is always better to take your time and choose a tattoo and a design that suits you. Don’t be in such a hurry to get a tattoo that you get something just because you read that he signed was popular. Instead take your time and find designs, ideas and symbols that speak to you and have a meaning.

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