Nov 01 2012

Intricate Beauty of the Celtic Irish Temporary Tattoo

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Celtic Cross tattoos Celtic has a long history dating back for centuries in the British Isles. The original Irish habitats of the crest was designed with two equal lengths of cross beams representing the four basic elements of Earth, Earth, wind, fire and water. When this tattoo is seen today, it is often decorated with detailed geometrical and swirl design wine grapes, no flowers, called the Celtic knots. In the center of the circle on the cross beams of the cross tattoo is a symbol of life revolves in the eternal plane, surrounded by the four natural elements.Modern tattoo artist love the intricate details of the site of the Celtic Irish tattoo patterns on a cross. With their small models which relate, as surprise, the artist is able to forge with its complex work in detail, as the true master. People love the Irish cross tattoo for their beauty and variety. This tattoo is also one of the few complex designs that may look great in a small size, or one big one, and remains a complex design.Their appeal to men and women is their diversity and how intimate tattoo Irish cross, and set bold tattoo. With the cross of the Irish were in existence long before the symbolism of the Holy Cross, became the normal connotation of “cross design, its pagan roots are the perfect backdrop for other beliefs and totems. St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, and also drove the snakes out of the blessing Stone Celtic constant, which is a sacred symbol of the cross of the Celts. This was the beginning of the intersection of Pagan and Christian use of the cross in Ireland.Fine work Site has neither beginning nor end, when applied correctly, this too is an endless circle of life on Earth. The Druids believed that all life is connected through the four elements, and they often put a cross on the Irish warriors and chiefs of clans of Ireland, to protect them during the battle with the enemy, as mortal and supernatural.Modern tattoos order fake of crosses is not always depicted with four equal points of the cross, the Christian influence virtually eradicated elemental representations. However, Irish cross tattoo tattoo remains popular around the world.

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