Nov 06 2012

Finding a Temporary Tattoo Artist – Important Questions to Ask

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So here is a list of the most important questions to ask your tattoo artist. Don’t feel bad or uncomfortable about asking any of these questions. Tattoo artists would have heard them all before, and real professionals, will be only too happy to give you honest, open answers.1) how long have you been a tattoo artist?This is an important part of the strength of the reputation of the tattoo artist. In General, the longer you’ve been in business, the more experience they will have and the better their reputation. Artists with a bad reputation tend not to last so long.2) what are your qualifications?As with all professional trades is important that tattoo artists are suitably qualified. Tattooing is a precision job that involves the use of needles, so it is very important that the tattoo artisthas are professionally trained and has a thorough knowledge of hygiene procedures.3) how many eagle snake tattoo did you do?This is a good indication of the level of skills and experience of the artist. Tattooing is an art and design has created man, the better they could be. The answer to this question also allows you to work approximately how busy is an artist, who again is closely linked to its popularity and reputation.4) can I see some of your previous work? Can you provide references?Good quality performers will be able to provide you with pictures of their work and references from previous clients, that they have been working on But be sure that you can see your work after it has healed properly, to give you an accurate idea of what it looks like.Shows an artist who does not have a portfolio of their work or evasive when you ask these questions should be avoided at all costs.5) how much will work.Large tattoos, which are full of complex details, can be extremely expensive, often in the thousands of dollars. Even smaller projects can cost over a hundred dollars.So, if you are on a tight budget, make sure that you agree to the full value of your chosen tattoo prior to the commencement of the work. So you will avoid unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings.6) do you guarantee your work?What happens if you are not satisfied with the finished project? They will drop the charge, or simply to reduce it? Do they have a refund policy? Make sure that you understand its policy guarantee of the contractor, prior to the commencement of the work, since it will have an impact on the quality of after-sales service, you get.7) how long will the tattoo?This depends on the size of your chosen design and level of complexity. Ultra-small tattoos can take a matter of minutes to complete, and the full design sleeve can take several hours, distributed in a number of sessions. But if this is your first tattoo, it is important to know so much about the procedure as possible, so you can feel more at ease about it.8) how should I care for my tattoo during the healing process?Rehabilitation is an important part of the overall process of the tattoo. Poor follow-up care can damage your tattoo design, can cause damage to your skin and increase the chances of developing an infection. So that all artists should be able to give you detailed instructions on how to care for your tattoo during the healing process. If they seem more interested in getting a tattoo, started to find another more responsible Tatooine.9) how can I reduce the chances of infection occurred?All tattoo artists should be able to give you advice that will help you to keep your tattoo clean and reduce the risk of infection. They will also be able to advise you what to do, if you feel that the infection takes place.10) are there any medical conditions that might prevent a person from getting a tattoo?Certain medical conditions mean that people must either avoid tattoos completely or to take some precautions before being tattooed. Tattoo artist should be able to give general advice on this issue. However, if you have any doubts about the effects of the tattoo on your health, please consult with a qualified physician.

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