Nov 06 2012

Temporary Tattoo Machines – The Evolution!

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Some experts have only three tools of the trade are the most important: check the ink and tattoo artist skills. Sometimes the skill of the artist, will be replaced by paper, ink and tattoo transfers, but who lack a permanent tattoo.Domestic industries, such as United States, Japan and London tattoo is done with the help of a machine. A few of these primarily is to insert ink into the skin. Repeat the movement of the ink supply is through the appearance of electromagnetic spring. Tattoo machine is a hand-held, this allows the artist to draw the pattern very well onto skin.Thomas Edison at the inventor of the light bulb is the first master of the figure a pen it is called decor it is similar to a modern day hack that compromised on several holes on the paper corresponds to a specific design. This paper drill, place flat on a surface and color powder was dust rather than paper. This work, transfer paper. The design of the paper to be transferred to any surface.After that, fifteen years ago, pen, decor was modified and the patent by his association with Moses lali on improving pen decor including lamps, bathroom and ink, a needle and a switch to turn device on and off. This new tool also has the ability to adjust the tempo.Tattoo machine today is similar to the patent by Persie water in 1929 design of the year, he has two electromagnetic machines that give. It’s quite safe, because there is a shield and spark switch is easy since many other various improvements have been made on this machine by distilled water Persie but it is the same as in past years.It was in 1979 that the patent for a further out to Carol Nightingale. His work for the evolution of the SAK is a different mechanism in the spring, that allows to work with details. He also added cars to upgrade spring A few current players have long way since then. Today, it is the ability to have measures in place to control the speed and the depth that gives a certain voltage. A few continue to develop steadily in a kiss tattoo temporary artists today, since adding updates itself without patent it. Actually a few have now become a precise art.

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