Nov 06 2012

What You Must Consider When Choosing the Right Foot Temporary Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos have always been regarded as the art of selective. This is mainly because not everyone can hold the process of getting one. However, today it is becoming more and more accepted. Nowadays, you can even get them done on your feet. In fact, foot tattoos are quickly becoming very popular even in women. The number of beautiful designs for feet has also increased. However, it’s still something to be careful. The process of getting foot tattoos are most similar to getting a tattoo. Pain and other factors that are strongly influenced by the design you want to get. To give you an idea, here are some things that you should consider when choosing the best design for your feet.More painDepending on where it is placed, the process of getting a tattoo can be moderate or very painful. Let’s face it, there will be pain. In fact, the general rule in the tattoo is: the closer it is to the bone, the more painful it will be. This is exactly the case with foot tattoo designs. So for those planning to get one, to avoid a design that reaches the toes because they will hurt a lot.Estimated Migration more InkThe migration of the common ink in all the tattoos. However, there is a greater incidence of migration with ink tattoo on your foot. This only means that You have to be ready to come back and have your foot hawaiian fake tattoos inked back if needed. If you select between several foot tattoo designs, choose something that will not be easily destroyed by the migration of ink, or something that would be cheaper to design than other re-inking.Healing ProblemNew tattoos are generally not allowed to rub against clothing for the simple reason that prevents the wound from healing faster. Usually it takes only about two to three weeks for a regular tattoo to heal wounds if can not rubbed. However, this does not apply to tattoo on your foot.Basically, depending on the placement of the design, this may mean that you can’t wear shoes or socks for the entire duration of your healing.Also, the proximity to land makes foot tattoos tattoos are susceptible to infection, which is why people are advised to keep their feet clean and humid most of the time.Easy HideThere is also an advantage to get a tattoo on your foot. One is that they are easier to hide. Compared to regular tattoos, which can be easily inspected, most designs on your feet are kept well hidden by simply wearing shoes. Because only a few people have the courage to get a tattoo on their legs, people that even fewer will even think about checking the distance.A unique and strikingSince there are only a few people who have what it takes to really get the tattoo on their feet, these tattoos look very striking and unique. For one, your feet provide a good flat area to show off their tattoos. Second, foot tattoos are a little sparse and therefore, releasing an exotic impression.Click the link below to get a free Tattoo tips and guides.

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