Nov 07 2012

Top 4 Killer Temporary Tattoo Design Ideas – Make Your Tattoo As Individual As You

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Ideas for tattoos are almost limitless. Regardless of which database you start with, you can design and make your own tattoo with a bit of imagination and work. If you want a truly unique, killer design that really stands out, begin with these four categories of art:Skull tattoo-skull not only to portray the right attitude, you can really get creative with design and structure. The skull can be adorned with snakes and other animals for extra impactSnake robot-Dog have endless possibilities. Tattoo snake can wrap around the arm or curled on the back or chest, to give a big surprise when someone notices it. Colors for this area can be really cool as well. Think about how you want to color the body of the Snake is actually a unique design and killerScorpion tattoos-Scorpions can really look good in a considerable plus, especially if you put it on an arm or leg. Leg work can do nothing to truly stand outDevil drawings for ink-the devil ever was on your body will surely make you stand out from the others. Again, choosing the right color here (maybe even blue instead of red) can make a huge difference. This design ideas started to pick up in popularity in recent years.No matter what project you decide to go with, you should carefully consider before making a decision. Don’t make the mistake of over 25% of all owners of tattoo that look real fake that don’t think clearly about exactly what they want, and then hate the new ink.

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