Nov 09 2012

The Temporary Tattoo Laser Treatment – How Well Does it Work?

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It is estimated that more than 10 million Americans have at least a tattoo and be 50 percent regret it later. machines copper tattoos are meant to be permanent, so remove them is difficult. However, there are several procedures that are effective. Tattoo laser treatment is one of them. But how well does it work? Let us find out.How it worksSupposedly the most common method used today laser tattoo removal using short bursts of lasers performed, which pulses of intense light. These pulses of highly concentrated light target the ink and break them into tiny fragments are removed then cleared by the immune system.How well it worksTattoo laser treatment is very effective. However, it can produce inconsistent results due to a number of factors from. This includes the size, to cure location and age of the tattoo, how it has been applied (amateur or professional), and the ability of the individual. The success rate is that color depends, to a very precise degree, when it comes to certain colors. The most commonly used laser are:Q-switched Ruby – not surprisingly, the light from this laser color is red. This laser light reflected by its colour and absorbed by its opposite color, removes most inks for it well, except for red.Q-switched Alexandrite – this laser emits a purple / red light and works best on blue / black and green ink.Q-switched ND: YAG – laser removes the best orange and red ink.It should be noted that yellow the most difficult pigment to remove and can be not good at any wavelength tends to be. White is impossible to remove and is black.The disadvantagesIn this technique, individual results will vary and there is no guarantee the tattoo can be removed completely. In some cases, the ink is pigment deeper than the laser able to absorb.During removal of the superficial part, the lower part may be visible remain as a faint fuzzy tone, similar to a bruise. In addition, this procedure will not remove the entire tattoo in one go. Because the pigments break at different intensities multiple sessions can be necessary to completely remove the ink. This can be very expensive. Anywhere 1-10 treatments are needed, rich by $200 to $850 per session. At the end it could be at the end of the tattoo will cost from $3,000 to $10,000 for a $500. In addition, several treatments have the potential that harm skin, causing painful blisters and scabs, eventually cause permanent scarring may result.Although efficient, with a tattoo laser treatment up to pretty much money. Before this technology it is always best, to explore your options. In some cases, other methods may work just as well, and what’s more, they are not so expensive.

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