Nov 10 2012

Six Tips For Proper Care of a New Temporary Tattoo

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Before I get into tips for properly caring for your new tattoo is important to follow the directions of tattoo artist that were provided. If their directions are different than those set out in this article, always refer to their instructions. However, if there are no instructions for you then this is what you need to know.Of course, now that you went and got a new quality temporary tattoo you want to take more care of his recovery! From the moment you leave the tattoo shop your tattoo artist is no longer responsible for the care of your tattoo and infections you may have. So it remains very important for you to follow these steps. You don’t want your nice new tattoo to turn into a festering wound if you don’t take proper care.1. Leave the only bandageThe artist that you chose has taken care in covering your new tattoo for you for good reason. The reason is to keep the air-borne bacteria or pathogens to invade the wound. Although this is a tattoo is still a plague. As with any plague meat is now open an outbreak of infections and bacteria. You will need to leave for a minimum of two hours. I know you’re excited and want to show it to your friends and family the minute you see them but you have to be patient.There is a rule that we can make an exception on and that is if your singer covered the tattoo with any type of plastic coating. This coating can be extremely harmful to your new tattoo. So if this is the case, then you need to remove the film as soon as possible. It is better not to have any kind of coverage that have it covered with a plastic wrap.2. treatment and WashingAfter a two-hour minimum time to leave your coat then it’s time to remove it.After removing the cover you want to treat and wash your new tattoo. To clean the wound you must wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap. Gently wash away any ointment left behind blood or plasma and to completely clean the area. Avoid using anything that is scratchy! It’s actually better to wash your tattoo with your hand. Of course, wash your hands before the same SOAP.After washing it is necessary to dry (no massage) the tattoo firmly with a clean cloth to get completely dry. Follow up with a light application of your choice of ointments.3. lotions and special productsThere are the typical products that you can use, if you choose, such as Tattoo Goo and H2Ocean and ask your pharmacist about over the counter products that work. Use these products as directed for 3-5 days.After 3-5 days have passed you should continue to keep your tattoo soft and supple. This can be done with the use of lotions. Remember everything that you choose must be lotion fragrance and colorants.4. Shower, bathroom, swimming pool and Hot TubsYou should continue to take a shower with a new tattoo just like you normally do because it will not damage your tattoo anyway. The water does not cause any kind of damage or infection of a tattoo until the tattoo is not soaking in water. Soak your tattoo in water bath or water causes serious damage and will be avoided for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. As mentioned the shower is fine to do until they stand and let the water continuously be on the tattoo. If you happen to have shampoo or SOAP on the tattoo then simply rinse off quickly. Swimming, if you are a saltwater pool or sea should also be avoided for at least 2 weeks.5.Crusting and scalingIt’s quite possible after a couple of days if you notice a bit of scabbing and flaking. Crusting extreme might be an indicator of a poorly done tattoo, but if it’s just a small amount, then this is perfectly normal. There is absolutely no need to panic. If it happens to scabies, then apply warm moist (not soggy) compresses the scabs for about 5 minutes 2-4 times a day. This will help alleviate the crust and helped to come finally on his own. Never apply ointment or lotion to a softened scab C just wait for it to dry on its own. You might also start to itch, just like sunburn when you begin to heal. My tip for this is to ignore it. DO NOT PICK or scratch to a crust. If it’s flaking then simply put lotion on it and if it is scabbing then leave in peace. This means that the tattoo is almost healed and now is not the time for you to ruin everything.6. Protection from the SunAfter the new tattoo has healed you want to protect it from harmful rays of the Sun as they may fade or damage your new tattoo. So, before you go out in the sunlight for an excessive period of time you want to enter a sun block with at least an SPF of 30 or higher on your tattoo. This will keep your new bright and colorful tattoo for many years to come.

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