Nov 11 2012

Star Temporary Tattoos – Then and Now

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Waterproof tattoo sticker color glitter flower / stars

Tattoos have been around for so long now. First, tattoo kid temp were a symbol of rank and status. It has also been used by women to decorate themselves and improve their attraction to men. Some tribes and cultures would use tattoos as a means to ward off evil spirits.Over the years, the art of tattooing has evolved to what it is today. Now, we use the tattoos especially to express ourselves. It is a form of personal expression and artistic, and has crossed the borders and cultures. You can see people with tattoos of all walks of life, all cultures and beliefs. It has become a universal symbol of freedom of speech, so to speak.One of the most important and common tattoos that you will see is the star tattoo. For some reason, a star tattoo symbolizes many things. You could stand for a religious symbol, a symbol of national pride, a desire to be famous, or just a soft spot for the stars and astronomy.Likewise, there are different star design. Could be distinguished by the number of dots, or the size and width of the star. You also have falling stars, starfish, star of David, 9 or 7 points, stars and a host of other designs and styles.All Star designs, is the star of David that the most frequently encountered. This star tattoo indicates protection, Solomon’s seal, and for the courage of David. It was, and always will be linked closely with Jews.On the opposite side of the spectrum is the 5 star points, which could stand for Satan. It also represents the Ram, then you can’t really think that a person wearing this type of Star tattoo is a believer in Satan. Basically, the number of points of a star determines the meaning behind the star. The symbolism could range from earthy signs, magical powers, dreams that come true, or courage.Just as important is being able to take care of your star tattoo so it will last a long time. Care and maintenance begins immediately after application. You should avoid to wet the tattoo to keep it looking fresh and new. Of course, the star tattoo color depends on your skin tone, but if care in an appropriate way, the colors may look fresh as the day it was applied.

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