Nov 15 2012

Medlite Temporary Tattoo Removal

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Have a tattoo that gives you nothing else that of bad memories, perhaps a blast from the past or a symbol that you want more associated can be very painful position to be in. each time you look at the tattoo, you feel bad for one reason or another.This is the main reason that so many people are without looking at what are the possibilities in getting tattooed removed. Although there are a variety of different options, they have all of the disadvantages associated with, and a method is not considered superior to all others.MedLite tattoo removal – what is it?The MedLite tattoo removal method uses high energy pulsed lasers which have combination of pulse duration of short and long wavelength. The procedure is more effective on red, sky blue, black and green dragon tattoos fake blue and is considered to be the least painful method the laser treatments.After treatment there is a high probability of non-healing in the long term, because it has the ability to penetrate the skin without breaking.How many treatments are needed to remove the tattoo completelyOn average, you’re looking around 6-8 treatments for removing professional tattoos while an amateur tattoo is less than 4 to 5 treatments.On the negative sideIn some cases, the patient may suffer from swelling and temporary and some irritation may require anesthesia for the procedure, which is usually only a topical form of anesthesia in the form of a cream.In some cases, there may be slight bleeding point pins, but this is quite rare.Should I use MedLite to remove my tattoo?If you can afford the expensive procedure then MedLite is considered one of the best treatments out there for the tattoo removal.You can expect to pay thousands for the procedure, even if costs vary depending on the size and the darkness of the tattoo. You’ll have to plan a series of appointments with the practitioner to completely remove the tattoo, because it is a gradual process as described above.What are my alternatives?You can opt for the dermabrasion tattoo removal that is a painful process which is to rub completely at the bottom of your top layers of the skin, allowing the wound to heal and repeat the process. Otherwise it is peeling the acid glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid that acts by increasing skin cell growth, so that new cells replace old cells and make the color of the light tattoo.You might also consider treatments at home of new facts that are reported to provide good results. These guides that you can download from the Internet can lighten the tattoo (and in some cases completely remove) so that the laser surgery costs are minimal and may request one or two sessions as opposed to the usual case of three or four times that amount.

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