Nov 18 2012

Choosing the Perfect Koi Fish Temporary Tattoo Design

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Koi, which means “tent” in Japanese, would not be a special tattoo design, if it were not for the many positive meanings attributed to this fish.If you are looking for a tattoo that symbolizes the courage, perseverance and goals, aspirations, a Koi fish will suit your needs.So now that you know that you want this type of tattoo, what to do next?Placement of the designMany choose to tattoo Koi as a tattoo on full back or as an important part of a sleeve. One reason for choosing these spots is the ability to make a large and elaborate fish Koi tattoo. But it can also be put this design tattoo in other smaller body parts, provided you ensure that the design is not too complicated.Consult your tattoo artist can show in the right direction.Make your unique designA great way so you can customise your Koi fish design is by the coloration of the design with your favorite colors. You can go wild, with many different colors or just color throughout the design with your favorite color.Another way is to add a background to your Koi fish design, which could be a fall of water, flames, flowers or a Ribbon that looks simple background with style.Choice of designIf you took the time to consider where you want to put your tattoo, big who wants it and the only one that plans to do so, then many websites there is a temp big tattoos that you can visit to reduce the huge selection that has. If you have a clear idea in mind, you can get a black and white design design and work on it with the help of his tattoo artist: choosing colors, position (fish goes up, down or to the sides of your body) and the Fund.

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