Nov 18 2012

Torso Temporary Tattoos

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Making tattoo is a popular form of personal expression today. A person’s beliefs about tattoo, thoughts and views on various topics. Having a tattoo is considered as one of the “in” thing nowadays and many people around the world look different sporting tattoos on their bodies. However, there are some people who are hesitant to have a tattoo done on her arm or wrist, as it can be seen as a taboo in the professional field. These people may show off a tattoo on his torso, as it is the most convenient place in several aspects. First of all, you can show or hide your tattoo according to your desire. Secondly, as the torso is one of the largest parts of the body, you can register and decorative temporary stores that sell tattoos in it. Here are some torso tattoos designs for girls and boys.Tattoos for girls-paintersAlthough the tattoo is very popular among girls and boys, there are certain tattoo designs that adapt to any girls or guys. Here are these women’s torso tattoo designs.Flowers TattoosFlower tattoos are mostly loved by women for their delicate designs, colorful patterns and significant symbolism. Some popular flower tattoos include rose (symbolizes love and romance), lotus (mental lucidity), Daisy (innocence) and Lily (purity and luminosity). With flower tattoos, there is ample room for creativity as a simple flower can draw in different styles.Vine tattoosVine tattoos look simply beautiful when done along the ribcage. In antiquity, the Ivy crowns were worn by Kings and emperors in Roman culture during the celebrations. Vine tattoos nowadays sported sheerly for its beauty and grace. Ivy vine, cherry and grape vine flower and Holly are some of the most popular varieties of vine tattoos.Torso tattoos for individualsTorso tattoo designs meant for men are surely not delicate and elegant. The following are some popular torso tattoos for men.Dragon TattoosThe Dragon represents different meanings in different cultures. In the East, which represents power, strength and power, while to the West is regarded as evil. However, the dragon tattoo, with their colorful designs, looks just stunning in the torso. Dragon tattoos Chinese tribal Dragon tattoos and are very popular these days. Read more about the meaning of the dragon tattoo.Koi fish TattoosThe koi fish tattoo is one of the fastest growing trends in tattoo designs today. Koi fish is a symbol that is associated with several meanings. This means wisdom, knowledge, loyalty and ambitions. According to the Japanese culture, Koi fish is a male figure and, therefore, koi fish tattoos are mostly by men.In addition to these quotes, sayings and tattoos, Zodiac tattoos, snake tattoos, tattoos, Celtic tattoos, nautical star tattoos Chinese symbol, etc., are some of the most popular tattoo designs in the world today and loved torso. If you have decided that sport a tattoo, you can investigate to find the perfect design for you. It is also crucial to have the design drawn or painted on a piece of paper to review exactly how it looks in reality! If you like, you can go ahead and make your favorite tattoo done by a certified professional tattoo artist.Read more at:The woman’s ribcage tattoosThe ribcage tattoos for MenFinally, we should remember that the dam removal and tattoo tattoos is a process painful and therefore it is essential that you put a lot of thought before you go for it.But once you’ve made a decision, choose any of these torso tattoo and brag about them the next time you go to the beach or beach theme for a party! Good luck!

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