Nov 20 2012

How to Create Temporary Body Temporary Tattoos For Parties and Special Occasions

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We all want to look unique and separate from the rest of the participation on special occasions, such as on a night on the town, at a party with friends, or even surprised our kids on their birthday. If money and time there are no problems, then the costume will do miracles, which change their appearance, but if you’re looking for more creative and less expensive shirts and then temporary body tattoo is probably what you’re looking for. Temporary body tattoo are non-toxic, affordable and easy-to-wash which is suitable for children as well.How to create a temporary body tattoo for parties and special occasions:Buy the appropriate paper-Tattoo book comes as a sheet of A4 format, which means that you could print several tattoos per sheet and simply cut with a scissors. There are several on the market, watch out for the paper and one approved Dermatology, which is easily removed by washing the skin with SOAP and water.Preparation of the tattoo-in addition to print pictures and photos on the tattoo paper, the block of text will be used as temporary tattoo fake girls also. If you chose to print the image on paper, download the image to your computer, so that its quality is high, and that you are allowed to use the image. Before printing on a proposal from the tattoo paper, consider printing a test page on normal paper first, to ensure that it will work the way you want to.Print design on the tattoo paper-feed the tattoo paper in the printer and select the printer paper settings for ink jet printers with the 360 to 720 dpi. If the print job is ready, image or text cut with scissors and round off the corners.Use the design on the skin-Peel tattoo slowly from its liner. Place the tattoo best on bare body parts and click it down with a finger to transfer the design to the skin. Take care when using the structure as a cream, cosmetics and sunscreen can adversely affect the adhesion of the tattoo on the skin.If you are bored with tattoos, simply get a tattoo from dry skin. If there are leftovers, the left may be removed using water and SOAP-so easy.

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