Nov 26 2012

Are Temporary Tattoos Art? Artists Poll Results

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I had privilege to polling a group of about 60 artists/amater art on tatoo and picture tatoo. Questions the main I asked was, ” should tatoo must consider Art? “There had better be some was instead fast and resume. more than 70% of the people make their home almost 60 ask said ” Yes, neck, ” with more than 90% admitted tatoo being art ” more often then not. ” Less then 10% thought night tatoo ” they are not true art ” or “very some should consider boza. ”General a back great and fair in the community artists. In comment they received, there was a some who tendency term repeat. One in terms of first quoted this comment in …”… Is secret which the King did not create with but the human considers art, if material is a wall, port, modernizing, etc, or if medium is ink, food, food, painting, pencil, fuzen, digital program, etc once you think on it, if you transpozabl image from the dock on paper whoever has said the image? is the arts. “This term, in the body which is just another blue, be able to cancel out of the subway station that overlooked degrees in artistic, showed in a many of comment. It makes sense I ‘, but concept to marked with a permanent sways some dye critical in almost every other way, and said to him in ” completely appropriate ” in corruption its skin and gave him the name artistic.Another common term that this group in was very Annuitant to their lowest point in out, it was … when a conception was tatouage on you, he had better for originals. Is not just a tatoo original, but build especially with the intent to art to you and to your body. What is eligible ears but they cross the threshold most people in and above should be designated as ” boza. ” Many agreed, saying, ” except if he or she has a special significance to people …… ” he sent a copy of an image did not artistic. The idea that ” some just copy a concept from in a book… ” gain no respect from artists. Maybe a little stinging, but orijinalite hold the arts never in, even with tatoo.Although most credit amount the competence a tatoo artists should have in the order with success work has been done (how anything under appreciate are in the world in the Arts), not a question side from the dispute who I thought was important. They thought a other issues worth asking and ” should a tatoo his head must consider the arts ” it’s if they was a tatoo artists considers a ” Artist ” or you don’t. I think that this is a major question, but also, a a lot simpler answer.The road I see it, you can see total body someone work (no Pun intended) and be judged based on a some-like element repetition creativity, United picture, masterly the craft-and come with a case very two know if you can help us someone is a artist or you don’t.The issue in if you can help us or not a tatoo is art or you do not go out in where opposed to, which is more in a gray zone. When we consider affordable respect competence, intention, and artistic capacity enough will be in danger of being judged a person as being ” about a ” artists, ” art, whatever the reason, seems to be moving do with more in a I critical. The people that already have the chord discredit it, or discuss an attack on him.This is going to reality and couples he ‘ and a technical (tatouan) who there were certain men who agreed and in principle, and you have reason for a of disputes that interesting. It seems, even if, which the artist’s distinctive am present with people against, and tatoo grace and in the picture tatoo original enter in the party more often then being excluded put label on the in ” art. ”

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