Dec 08 2012

10 Tips on Getting a Temporary Tattoo

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1. keep your tattoo as personal as possible. Incorporate the meaningful things from your experience in tattoo ideas. The uniqueness of design does not necessarily make it personal to you. Make sure that the art is for you to understand.2. think about the future. You want this artwork on the body of 10 or 20 years? Avoid trends or impulsive good fake tattoo decisions. Even the best tattoo in the best professional artist will be to fade with age, so think about the clarity of the proposal and how it could look over time. The tattoo is a long-term commitment.3. don’t be influenced by others, whether on the basis of the latest celebrities or people in his personal life. The decision to have a tattoo, it should only be an individual choice. Peer pressure should not be the decisive factor in obtaining or no tattoos.4. find the serious tattoo shop and look at each artist’s portfolio. Find a tattoo artist whose work best Gallery matches your tattoo idea. Don’t be afraid to ask the artist questions in advance. Asking a few questions will give you an idea of the personality of the artist. It might be important, especially if you’re still a large tattoo, which may require numerous visits to the artists.5. make sure that the tattoo shop is licensed. The licences should be current and prominently. Also make sure that the shop looks and smells clean. Ask, where is the autoclave and look in the area, to make sure that it is well maintained. Please check the artist of the work area should be clean and easy to read. The artist should have a clean, professional look.6. you’ll get exactly what you want. The time before the final decision is the tattoo artist tattoo begins. Look at the stencil and make sure that everything is as you want. Make sure that all words are spelled correctly, and that you and the artist have a understanding of what colors are to be used.7. make the changes now. Don’t wait until the tattoo completed to decide you want a different color or font or size larger or smaller. After the tattoo started it is much harder to change.8. be polite.Tattoo artists are professionals. If you go to a reputable shop and have a serious artist, then you should treat employees in a polite manner. Tattoo shop is a business like any other and should make themselves accordingly.9. Sit. The tattoo and the artist work requires full attention. If you are a talkative, or move will distract attention of the artist and the effect on quality. Be mentally prepared for it, that some of the tattoo in some areas may be unpleasant, but you continue to expect to keep the peace.10. Tip. You have chosen a serious business and serious artist. If you are satisfied with the quality of work, don’t be afraid to show artists that tilts. Most tattoo artists work off the net commissions, which means if they do not get paid tattoo. So dumps for a job well done is highly prized.

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