Dec 08 2012

Dragonfly Temporary Tattoo – 5 Dragonfly Tattoo Designs to Choose From For Your Next Tattoo

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Dragonfly tattoo is not very popular but has been made by many people, especially those who found that Heath Ledger wore one. There are many variations of this tattoo and in this article, I will explain you the meaning of the tattoo and let you know about the 5 different tattoo designs Dragonfly that you will want to choose for your next tattoo.Dragonfly Tattoo meaningDragonflies are beautiful creatures and some women are considered an alternative to getting a butterfly tattoo. However, they are more than that. These are healthy insects and extremely fast. They move the place they liked, didn’t know anything about what’s around them because, for the most part, they have nothing to worry about.Dragonflies are usually only seen in the hotter weather and there is something strange about this creature. When it is seen in the colder, it usually comes as a bit of a surprise that added to the intrigue of this insect.Dragonfly tattoo on wristThis is a common type of Dragonfly tattoo designs and usually wear on the inside of the wrist. By the way, if you do not want to reveal it then it is pretty easy to conceal.Tribal Dragonfly TattooDragonflies make good subjects for tribal tattoos because they are symmetrical to begin with. The most stylish tattoo dragonfly is quite small, this will require some very complicated work from artists in order to draw all the lines correctly.Another way is to have a tattoo is much larger than normal. This can then be signed into the chest, abdomen, back or lower back.Dragonfly tattoo on the footThis is very popular with women. tattoo fake order are usually placed on top of the foot, near the outer edges. A tribal design here would be difficult to achieve. You’re better off with something smaller and more color.Small Dragonfly tattooMost of this type of tattoo is small but you can still smaller and have a tattoo that is less than two colors with a few lines drawn to represent the wing and body segments of the insects. The design can then be placed discreetly and behind the ears. This also works well on the fingers.Dragonfly Tattoo On HipDragonflies are not really suited to this position. It has a long slender body like all the insects, but the wings tend to get in the way. This is similar to angel wing tattoos.They are better suited to the back bottom, unfortunately named “tramp stamps”. Here they can look great, regardless of whether or not the tribe-tribe.

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